Short and Feisty Gets a Facelift

Hello from the New Diggs!

I used to swear that I was a “” user for life when it came to blogging platforms. Earlier this year, though, I was turned on to WordPress and it’s just that much easier. Plus you’ve got stats, exporting options, and much more aesthetically pleasing themes to go with making me a Keyboard-Beating- Convert!


Anything to make life easier because who doesn’t have it hard enough without having to turn to Google to troubleshoot problems with their own blogging software (didn’t you know Blogger is connected to Google? As is everything else on this green, slowly browning, Earth?)??

I had to take a moment and step away from blogging for professional reasons. You see, in the last 4 years that I’ve been sharing my experiences with The World At Large, I never really thought I’d gain much of a readership beyond my friends and family. Who wants to hear me ramble on about Rice Krispie Treats, Pandas, and my rumble with Vegetarianism wreaking havoc on my digestive system (I know y’all loved that entry)? But readership got ridiculous, not even going to humble brag about that one, and it started to spread like a bad case of the clap.

Over time, my name became associated with my blog and I got a few hits from potential employers that got me a little concerned.  Don’t get me wrong, I have no shame in anything that I’ve ever written–but the fact that I wrote about pursuing acting in my free time turned off a potential employer in LA. It seems that actors have a bad rap in Los Angeles as being flaky and unreliable.

Discrimination lawsuit, anyone?

People who know my work ethic are privy to my work hard play hard mentality, but it was definitely in my best interest to keep that part of my life guarded. Nothing I posted was even the slightest bit controversial (save, my conversations re: past relationships) but I definitely got a little weirded out by the fact that their reading my blog crosses the boundary between my personal and work life.

This time, I’m prepared. No name association, no email association, no nothing. I’m basically Anonymous. NO, not that Anonymous. I feel I need to clarify since my paranoia leads me to believe that the government is reading this blog and at any minute will descend upon my humble abode to arrest me and prosecute me to the fullest extent. Oh gosh, now I’ve done it.

I’ll write from jail.


This cell looks cozy.


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