Guns According to Yannis Pappas: A Survivor’s Tale

I have some really strong opinions about guns and people that should and should not have them.

I am from the South and so I’m used to visiting friends that have gun racks on the wall with pistols stored in various hidey-holes around the house.

It’s not uncommon for my newsfeed to be littered with pictures of people gleefully posing beside dead animal carcasses during hunting season.

BUT, and I thank my lucky stars everyday, I have never been placed on the unlucky side of a loaded weapon. I’ve also never brandished one and I get skittish when someone offers me the chance to hold an un-loaded weapon. I’m convinced I’ll somehow find a way to accidentally shoot myself or someone else.

Paranoid? Maybe. But accidental shootings happen all the time.

Yannis Pappas, the guy in the video below has been shot and not because he was “asking for it”. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He’s a comedian that I really admire and I had no idea that he’d gone through something so traumatic. How can he find the courage to be funny again after this? I don’t know, but I truly value his opinion and definitely learned from his story. Also, this video is NSFW, FYI.


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