To the Moon! A Look at My Soul Sista

Today’s Daily Post Challenge: Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?

My immediate reaction was TO THE MOON.

No, you didn’t misread that, I’m talking about the large celestial body that happens to be orbiting our humble planet. I wouldn’t go alone, though, because I’d take my “Soul Sista”, Linder Lue Lawrence, but commonly known by the folks at home as Hollywood–because she wants to be a movie star.

The Essence of Hollywood | Photo Credit: Hollywood's Facebook Page

The Essence of Hollywood | Photo Credit: Hollywood’s Facebook Page

I first met Hollywood when I was in high school, over a decade ago, and I have to admit that her personality was at first intimidating and off-putting. I didn’t immediately grasp that Hollywood was living with a cognitive disability because I’d never met anyone living life that way before and, of course, her outward appearance gives no indication of what’s swirling around in that beautiful brain of hers. She greets strangers with the force of a bull in a china shop–but that force is nothing but sheer joy and energy at having met someone new.

Then I found out we had the same dream:

“Hi! I’m Hollywood! I’m gonna be in the New York Times! I’m gonna be famous! I’m goin’ to Hollywood” was the first thing she ever said to me. She’s already famous in her own right, a true hometown heroine with countless articles written about her amazing story (check a handful out here, here, and here).

“TO THE MOON!” also happens to be one of her catchphrases.

Me and My Soul Sista | Photo Credit Marie S.

Me and my Soul Sista, Hollywood  | Photo Credit: Marie S.

She’s 56 years young and has the spirit of a much younger person. As a young child, she suffered abuse from her family but doesn’t bash her relatives, like she has every right to. She only really ever says, “I don’t talk to them–they are mean”. She has since inherited a gigantic network of family through living in our hometown for so long and Hope House, an organization that lets her live independently while having some really awesome Guardian Angels watch over her–making sure she’s doing alright. She’s also an artist, a hometown YouTube sensation, funny,  and an all-around happy person.

If you’re lucky enough, you’ll gain Soul Sista status, which means you’re bonded for life (you can’t be a jealous person, though, ’cause Hollywood has a ton of them–naturally).

When I told Hollywood I was moving from the VA to California, she immediately said, “Imma miss you! I want to go with you to Hollywood!”

“But everyone here will miss you so much,” I responded, “they’ll all cry that you’re gone”.

Hollywood paused for a moment. Then magnanimously blurted, “Let them cry!”

Every time I see the Hollywood sign now, which is every single day of my new Los Angeles life,  I think of her and how much I wish she had the resources to pick up and live her dream of becoming a movie star.

If I ever get lucky enough to hit it big, I’ll try my darndest to get her in front of a big movie camera–and then we’ll take our bags of gold and be the first actresses to take a trip TO THE MOON!

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8 thoughts on “To the Moon! A Look at My Soul Sista

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  8. I don’t have many words except this is beautiful. I felt like I could feel Hollywood’s essence through your words. I could imagine her excitement and passion. Bless you both!
    Found you from the Dailt Prompt & Blogging 101

    Shareen HD
    A Moment For Me Blog

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