Suffering for Fashion: LA Style

Let’s talk about something for a minute.

My lovely Los Angeles roommate is diligently working toward busting her way into the fashion industry. She’s got impeccable taste when it comes to style and clothing–should I eventually “make it big” she will be solely responsible for dressing me.

Me–who thinks wearing jeans and a t-shirt every single day is enough of a fashion statement. It goes without saying that I know nothing of the intricate world of fashion.

I also realize that runway fashion is much more “out there” than day-to-day clothing, even for the incredibly trendy. Take, for example, this delightful getup:


Masks to hide her real appearance | Photo Credit:

Or this romp through “whimsical” fashion:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

This kind of fashion is entertaining but not something you’d usually encounter walking down the street (even in LA).

What I don’t understand is suffering in the name of fashion.

1. Is it hot in here? Or is it just me?

I walked into Starbucks this morning and stood behind a woman dressed like this:


This is LA. It is summertime. It’s really stinkin’ hot, even in the early morning. Why you gonna wear a thick sweater, lady? That on top of the hot beverage she chose ensures that she’s sweltering the moment she steps back outside.

2. It’s raining, it’s (not) pooouring:

Again, I live in Los Angeles, guys, which means it rains maybe once a month during the spring and almost not at all in the summer.


When it does drizzle, you’ll find many women sauntering around Beverly Hills dressed as such:

Photo Credit |

Photo Credit |

As soon as a hint of humidity is detected, they whip out full rain gear. These fools don’t know nothin’ bout rainfall.

3. Q: “How’d you break your ankle?” A: “Walking.”

I have actually witnessed these types of shoes traipsing around Hollywood:

Why? | Photo Cred:

Why? | Photo Cred:

Or these:

WHY? | Photo Cred: Google Images

WHY? | Photo Cred: Google Images

WHY?!! | Photo Credit: Google Images

WHY?!! | Photo Credit: Google Images

Why torture yourself for one hour of fashion? Hope you enjoy those back surgeries later in life.

Although it won’t land me on the cover of vogue, I’m stickin’ to my jeans and t-shirts. My health insurance isn’t that great. Who’s is?

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