I I I Wanna Go Go Go All the Way Way Way

If you got the song I was referencing in the title of this post–10 POINTS to you, you go, Glen Coco!

Someone is in Las Vegas this weekend.

Hint: It’s me.

My former tween-aged self is rearing her barely groomed head in the form of traveling 5 hours from LA to Sin City for the next three days.

All to perform a 1990’s pilgrimage to see the Prophetess End-of-Century of Pop in Residence: Miss Britney J. Spears.

I’m currently seated next to one of the only working outlets in the Las Vegas Airport waiting for one of my many companions’ arrival. More details will emerge as this weekend of unadulterated bliss unfolds.

To get myself pumped up for what promises to be a tromp through the musical minefield of nostalgia, I’ve been perusing some Buzzfeed links that I’m going to leave here for you (to live vicariously through me).

You’re Welcome.

How Big of a Britney Spears Fan Are You?

The 5 Best Things We Learned About Britney Spears from her 1999 Twist Magazine Questionnaire

The 20 Best Amazon Reviews of Britney Spears’ Debut Album from 1999

When I Was Britney Spears’ Biggest Fan: A Collection

Aaaaand my favorite song from the debut album (or, at least it was my favorite in 1999–those lyrics. So Inspired.):


P.S. While compiling this list, actor Tracey Morgan walked past me with his sweet baby daughter. I’m not sure I’m supposed to type that–what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas.


One thought on “I I I Wanna Go Go Go All the Way Way Way

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