Strange Encounters LA: Taco Bell Tuesday

I usually eat dinner at work, but for whatever reason, yesterday I didn’t. There are several fine dining establishments on my 12 mile route home–naturally, I pick the bottom of the proverbial fast food chain to assuage my appetite.


I drive up to the little box and place my order. A worker that could only be described as jovial quickly noted my complicated changes to some of the simplest foodstuffs. No tomato on this, sour cream on that, supreme but skip the avocado ranch dressing. Yes, I am one of those people. 

Not picky about WHAT goes in, but picky about the way it’s assembled.

This employee took it all in stride and was incredibly polite.

“That’s nice,” I thought, “someone on the other end of these things that  doesn’t sound like they hate their job.”

I pull around to the second window (the first has been boarded shut. Side note: why is this so prevalent at fast food places today? What’s wrong with using two windows? It breaks up the wait!) and meet the man behind the speaker.

Dude: [Repeats my order]

Me: Yep, that’s me!

Dude: [$Total]. You gonna eat all of this by yourself?

Me: [Awkwardly thinking of an acceptable response] Yep, every last bite!

Dude: Well, alright! Have you been working hard or hardly working today?

Me: Well…I’m a nanny. 

Dude: Oh, then you’ve DEFINITELY been working hard.

Me: What about you?

Dude: I work hard everyday. 

Me: Great!

The Dude then moves inward towards the preparation stations and the grills. I’m fiddling on my phone–I drive hybrid so technically the engine shuts off when I’m idling…does that mean I’m not breaking any laws?–when he returns with a bag of cinnamon twists.

Dude: Here is something to reward you for your hard day’s work!


“Huzzah,” I exclaimed inwardly, “being friendly with people really can payoff! This is just what I need–a reminder that a kind interaction with no ulterior motive can sometimes lead to swell things! Here’s to a new worldview!”

The Dude then hands me the rest of my order.

Me: Thanks, have a great night!

Dude: Hey, you got a boyfriend?

Me: [as I’m pulling away from the window oh gosh oh gosh what do I say I don’t do well with this kind of unsolicited attention is it obvious that I don’t have a boyfriend gaahhhhh]…YEP!

Well, there goes my new worldview.



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