From Out of the Rain, a Bit of Sunshine–

It had been an arduous day for the nanny–one filled with refereeing sibling wars and healing boo boos with ice packs shaped like teddy bears.

She walked the half mile to the subway station, readying herself for the 40 minute commute back to her apartment on the other side of town.

Her first train ride was relatively uneventful, save for the various and sundry commuters bumping into her as she attempted to squeeze out a small space to fit her body while the car jostled along down the track.

As she made her transfer for the second leg of her journey, the next train slowly creeped into the station.

“This does not bode well,” she remarked as she was bum-rushed from the platform into the railcar.

What would have been a 20 minute journey soon turned into 35 minutes of slowly chugging along the underground pathway. She was lucky enough to get a seat–but then she realized that this put her face in prime location for a milieu of butts for a view.

“I hope these people don’t give into the urge to fart,” she prayed silently.

As she arrived at her station, the Nanny stepped onto the platform, climbed the first selection of stairs, and stopped dead in her tracks. The landing leading to the second staircase was flooded with grotty looking water. The travelers descending the stairs were quickly closing umbrellas, shaking the water from them before they stowed them in backpacks and purses.

The Nanny realized that she’d just encountered another cultural difference between Los Angelenos and New Yorkers–it’s customary to always be prepared for inclement and unpredictable weather in the latter. In the former, precipitation happened maybe once every few months.

She exited the subway and entered the rain logged street scene before realizing she was close to a sporting goods store.

One long line of customers making similar purchases and $26 later, she was armed with an umbrella.

“Geeze,” she exhaled, “the cab ride home from work would’ve been cheaper than the umbrella.”

She was just about to begin to list the things she hated about the city, the fact that she hadn’t chosen to attend this sojourn into the wild concrete jungle (it was, after all, a requirement of her job), about to dwell upon the fact that she missed her apartment and her friends back West–


She looked around her and saw all of the different umbrellas and was reminded of a video she once saw, where two umbrellas meet and fall in love–and she perked up a bit before continuing her trek home.

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