I’m risking getting philosophical on you guys (again?! Ugh!) but I’m writing what I’m currently feeling–the Short and Feisty Zeitgeist, if you will–so bear with me.

Sunday morning, after I dragged myself out of bed at 6:30am–thanks, Daylight Savings Time!–I shlepped the monumental distance to the couch and picked up my laptop. I did my regular, brief (read: 40 minute) perusal of the internet at my usual time sucking sites (, Facebook, Buzzfeed, to name a few).

When I found this photo, I immediately posted it to one of my personal social media sites:

cool-quote-frame-future-youI liked the message so I figured I’d share it. I left it there for about 20 minutes while I got ready for the day.

My favorite responses to the photo, when I came back to read them, were two comments by two new mothers stating that a simple “shower, tooth brush, and deodorant application” would definitely qualify as fulfilling this call to action. To my elation, I had completed all three tasks–I was winning from the start!

I sat for a moment, examining the lengthy to-do list I’d created for myself just the day before. It’s really easy for me to make these lists for the weekend and then quickly throw them on the coffee table while I veg out.

“I’m so freaking tired–why should I be required to do anything with the small amount of time I don’t spend working or commuting!?” I complain to myself.

“Because,” I wisely reply, “If you decide to not do anything to better yourself, you have no right to bitch, moan, or complain when you feel like you’re treading the waters of life but not moving forward toward an end-goal.”

“That’s deep, self” I admit.

Then I got off of my keister and got to work.

So what did I do with the 24 hours of Sunday freedom I had?

  • Basic personal hygiene regimen (Yes! This counts!)
  • Caught up with a friend at a coffee shop in Burbank–yay for social interaction!
  • Applied for dental insurance
    • Searched for a corresponding dentist that will take said insurance
  • Submitted a final draft of a picture book I’d written to the publisher
    • After making final edits
  • Sewed a costume (yes, an entire costume)
  • Paid bills (grumble, grumble, sob)
  • Uploaded photos and Created/formatted/ordered a 24 page photo book for one of my former nanny kid’s birthdays
  • Attended a concert in Anaheim dressed in the aforementioned costume
  • Wrote this blog post!

I list all of these glorious accomplishments, not just to send a 1,000 Brag Points out into the universe, but to also show that I had intentionality pushing me forward the entire day!

How much did I need to accomplish to make “future me” proud?

That’s just it–I picked how much I felt I was capable of doing and pushed myself every time I felt I was drifting off into a Netflix coma.

And then I actually DID SOMETHING.

I hope that anyone that feels as if they’re “stalling” will deeply consider the above photo when you have your next free day and get to it!

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