For When Your Neighbor Wakes You with Noise from Music, Sex, and Snoring

I’m writing this in a most disgruntled fashion at 1:30am.

My downstairs neighbor must be the freaking Beethoven of our generation because this idiot seems to only want to play the piano at insane hours of the night.

My building has quiet hours that start at 9pm and a violation of that once in a while is not a big issue; HOWEVER, this joker has been made aware several times that his neighbors are trying to sleep and would rather not hear his playing so late at night!

During the day and early evening?


Did I mention this guy also saws logs at night? Seriously, his snoring alone has woken me up from a very deep slumber.

Tonight, he took it to another level when his lady friend came over.


  • 12:30am–my eyes snap open when the piano starts.
  • Shortly after, moaning (that sounds as if a cat is being drowned) begins–I deduce that these are the lady’s sex noises.
    • This ends more quickly than I think is fair to m’lady.
  • Now, the LOUDEST pillow talk I’ve heard in my entire life begins.
  • Next, the front door loudly closes shut–little lady is heading home at 1:30am.
    • No Sleepover? RUDE.

I’m sure I will be treated to his snoring in no time.

Regardless, I’m pissed as hell. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he “got some”. It’s not the short-lived sex noises that bother me. It’s the PIANO PLAYING. I would’ve been perfectly asleep for the rest of it had he not chosen to tickle the ivories before tickling his lady’s fancies.

So, after emailing my apartment manager (who happens to be my neighbor) about the midnight serenade (leaving out the sexual details) what do I do?


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4 thoughts on “For When Your Neighbor Wakes You with Noise from Music, Sex, and Snoring

  1. Oh this post brings back not so fond memories of my apartment days. lol. I moved out to a house last year, but my neighbors next door as just as annoying as the neighbors above me in my old apartment. More so I think because there is so much space between our houses and I can STILL hear their annoying late night shenanigans. Hopefully your note makes a point!

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