Lessons from the Land of La La

I’ve been in LA for three years now and I’ve learned a lot about myself.

The first is that I’m fairly awful about keeping up with serialized blog posts. I promise to get back on the Short and Feisty Finances train and I’ll have to finish up about my trip to Sequoia National Park.

But before I do, here are a few more things I’ve learned about myself:

  • I will no longer stay in a job that makes me miserable. I won’t be sacrificing my overall happiness to “make it to a year for my resume” ever again. If I’ve attempted to make some changes, kept communication open and honest with my employers, and things aren’t changing–PEACE OUT, CUB SCOUT.
  • Working a weird schedule isn’t ideal for a social life, but it is ideal to the overall pursuit of my acting/writing goals, which means I’m sticking with the weird work schedule. I make NO apologies for prioritizing this way. Because that coffee date doesn’t pay the rent, son!
  • It’s hard for me to become motivated to shower, but once I get in, it’s hard for me to get out.
  • I miss my family and friends back home, terribly! But I also don’t enjoy transcontinental flights. So skype, phone calls, and letter writing it is!
  • Staying motivated on a daily basis to create is difficult when one would think it would be second nature.
  • I am a freaking BALLER STATUS nanny. It took me a while to figure this out, for some reason, but I received several job offers whilst not even on the job market (and ended up taking one). Before this realization, I was really good at second guessing my methods and choices. NO MORE!  IF ONLY nannying was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life! Sadly, it’s not, so that feels like a waste.
  • I miss the rain. UGH, I hate admitting that because it rained so much on the East Coast that it was easy to take it for granted. But it rained pretty hard yesterday and all the cars are shiny and glowing today (including mine, free car wash!) and I do miss it.
  • Still not a fan of spicy food–my tongue and digestive system corroborate this finding.
  • I am totally getting in to the spirit of DIY. I taught myself to knit proficiently, sew, etc. I kind of love making things with my hands and then showing it off to the world.
  • I’m impatiently waiting for my life to begin–not realizing that it’s started already.


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