Ok, you guys. It’s just about that time–a few more hours until kickoff.

After you’re done celebrating with the other ghosts and ghouls roaming the streets begging strangers for candy, it’ll be time to dust off the old keyboard and get to work.

You’re going to write the first draft of a novel (or at least 50,000 words of it) in the 30 days of November.

I’m saying “you” specifically because I feel it’s my personal duty and responsibility to con as many people as will let me into doing this seemingly impossible task with me. I truly believe that everyone should give this activity a go at least once. It’s honestly just plain fun!

You don’t know if you’re a writer or not until you give it a go.

1,667 words per day. You can go over that, you can write under that (as long as you catch up within the next few days).

You are NOT allowed to edit. You just let the words trickle out onto the page and save all the editing for December and January.

You can write any and everything that you want.

Dragons? Yes.

Detectives? Do it.

Realistic Fiction about life on the Oregon Trail? You bet.

This year, I’m diving full force into a smut novel. I may be a spinster IRL, but my fictional characters need not be!

Then, on the last day November 30th, you log in the work you’ve written (it doesn’t save any of the content, it just counts the number of words you write) and if you reach 50k, you win!

Yes, technically you could just write the word “fart” 50k times, but that takes the fun out of it. Or, I dunno, maybe that’s fun for you, so let me not judge and just encourage you to WRITE.

Go to this website right here:

Register yourself.

Then tell me your screen name so I can find you and add you as a “writing buddy”. Selfishly, keeping you accountable will help in keeping me accountable, as well. It’s a win-win!

I’ve already suckered two people into it this year, my goal is 10.

There’s plenty to do on the site if you’re re-watching shows on Netflix and are a little bored after your sugar coma kicks in tonight.

There are forums with people giving advice, old school chatrooms separated by novel genres, age, locations, etc. There are forums where people talk about how exceptionally well they’re doing and forums with people whining about any and everything, like how they’ve absolutely ruined everything with the 1,300 word dumpster fire they’ve created on Day 1. That’s my favorite forum because it usually makes me feel a lot better about wherever I am on my journey, which is usually me lagging dreadfully behind.

There are in-person events in your area that you can attend and meet new book/writing nerds, or you can be a loner and just do it all on your own.

The best part of all of this: it’s free!!!

Midnight tonight begins the challenge. Who’s in!?



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