The KKK is Marching in NC and You Don’t Even Know That It’s Partially YOUR Fault

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I keep trying to turn my blog back around–to be happy and cheerful and funny (at least to my own personal standard of funny, your mileage may vary)–but I’m just not there yet. It’s sad to think that this country elected a man that supports and espouses so much hate. That some people can just roll their eyes and be like, “He’s not REEEAALLLY going to be awful, he’s just not PC. He’s actually going to be miles better than Hillary because I hate Hillary and BENGHAZI and EMAILS! I love you, though, but I’m gonna go ahead with the go ahead and vote him in.”

What’s even sadder to see is all of the various hate groups crawling out of the rotten woodwork to do things like hold “Victory Marches” in places like North Carolina.

I posted that link to my social media last night with the caption:

“Grab your hoods, y’all. Your dude won.”

I almost immediately got a response from someone in my acquaintance that voted for Trump. She stated that she was “angry at those comments.” Being the naive little optimist that I am, I thought she was angry that the KKK were marching, that one of the most despicable, hurtful, violent groups in the history of this country is experiencing a furiously growing resurgence.

But no.

She was mad at my caption, said my caption was racist, and said that comments like my caption are what’s tearing America apart because she’s not bad like one of “those people that always brings race into things.”



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So here is my response to this woman (who, anecdotally, is white), and who will remain anonymous here for privacy reasons:

Dear Mrs. X,

I’ve had the privilege of knowing you for almost my entire life. Your sister was an excellent 5th grade teacher and I have many happy childhood memories with your daughter.

But here’s the thing: Your vote did this.

Whether you realize it or not, whether you like it or not, your vote put this man in the highest political position of this Great Nation and, by doing so, you gave everyone license to hate out in the open again.

“Hello pre-Civil Right’s Movement–welcome back!”

And what I don’t think you realized about my caption is that it’s nuanced (I’ll shoulder some of the blame if it wasn’t obvious). I know you’re not a card carrying member of the KKK–remember, I have been the recipient of you’re smile and your joyful greetings. The fact of the matter is you are complicit.

You KNOWINGLY voted for a man that not only accepted, but appreciated the endorsement of not only the the Ku Klux Klan, but also the American Nazi Party. Speaking of the Nazis, do you know what the worst part about Nazi Germany and the murder of over 6,000,000 people was? That their neighbors let it happen by remaining silent.

That their neighbors remained SILENT. Let that sink in, because you didn’t just remain silent, here. You spoke up with your vote and actively put this man in power.

Now, you may think my caption is racist (though, it does not ONCE mention the race of his supporters, you’re assuming I’m only addressing white people), and you may bemoan the fact that “those people are always bringing race into this”. But do you know what the KKK is? THEIR HATE IS ENTIRELY BASED ON RACE AND RELIGION. The color of my skin is SO distasteful to them that they are actively trying to disenfranchise me and millions of others. The fact that certain people don’t recognize Jesus as the Messiah sends them into a tailspin. And GOD HELP THEM if they have to sit next to “a gay” at the Golden Corral.

I never thought I would bear first hand witness of the KKK in 2016. I thought all that junk was something my mother, and uncles, and aunts, and grandparents suffered through in the past. That they fought long and hard so I wouldn’t have to live in a country where people like that are handed a microphone and spoon-fed government support. But now, this reality is my present.

Your vote did this.

But you don’t see it that way.

And therein lies the problem. And that’s the reason for this letter: I took a step back and realized that you simply didn’t know. There are those that did and happily checked that box for Trump. But you didn’t, and I know because I know YOU.

You don’t see that your vote means we will most likely be adding bigoted voices to the Supreme Court who will be hell bent on stripping people of their basic American rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

You don’t see that you had any responsibility in causing the country’s Jewish population, Muslim population, hispanic population, disabled population, black population, it’s myriad of rape victims, etc to begin a new life living in fear. You don’t see that by saying “yes” to Trump, you were saying “do your thing!” to all of these terrorist groups bent on hating other Americans, some of whom you may even have in your own friend group.


It’d be easy for me to say I’m not afraid because I don’t live in NC–I don’t live in VA or The South anymore, so I’m not near it. But you know my nephews and nieces. You see them almost every day during the school year. And I’m afraid for them–there’s no hiding that beautiful brown skin AND THEY SHOULDN’T have to. I fear for the children that bear witness to all of these heinous actions and are scared out of their minds. Children that are already being bullied in school.

Hell, my college campus is 30 minutes from you in Southern VA and minority students there are already being bullied:





So maybe your privilege allows you to live in a little bubble of being “color blind”–race is never “the issue”. I can attest to the fact that my elementary school, where you work, is just like that–its own little Utopia. But outside of that, others are forced to see the full spectrum of color.

And I don’t think that’s a bad thing!

And I know that makes you uncomfortable to even think about–that you had a hand in this nonsensical hate.

And it should.

Maybe it’ll give you an inkling of the discomfort that all of the other Americans being targeted, not because they’ve behaved egregiously, but simply because of being WHO THEY ARE, are feeling.

There’s no undoing the election now, it’s done.

But I’m glad I’ve sown this seed into your conscience.

Now, I just need you to think about what I’m saying. Listen to what others are saying about what’s happening in our lives NOW. Maybe, if you truly listen, you’ll learn. And my most ardent hope is that maybe, just maybe, what I’m saying in this letter will inform your decisions in the future.

Luke 23:34,

Short and Feisty


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How Does it Feel?

How does it feel to know that you’re their target demographic?

How does it feel to know that your neighbor doesn’t secretly hate you because of the color of your skin? Because of your heritage? Because of your religion?

How does it feel to know that, even with the shift in power to someone who espouses hateful and vitriolic rhetoric, you’re going to be ok? Your life will go unchanged–you’re safe. You’re part of the fold. Because you’re one of them?

How does it feel to know the American Nazi Party and the KKK isn’t bothered by your presence among these amber waves of grain? That they won’t forcefully attempt to disenfranchise you over the next four years because you weren’t born heavy with melanin and you were raised worshipping one particular Nazarean?

To know that you won’t be mocked because you weren’t born physically different or not as able bodied as them?

How does it feel to NOT feel unwelcome in the country you’ve called home your entire life? That your grandparents, great-grandparents, etc called their land, as well?

To feel your marriage rights are not on the line? To feel your safety isn’t threatened by people who want to do you harm simply because of who you are?

I’d really like to know.

Because right now, all I feel is sad. And sick. But mostly sad.

Yet hopeful that the phrase “We never thought it could happen in America” isn’t something that you’ll be uttering within the next 4 years.


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A Nazi, a KKK Member, and a Minority Woman Walk into a Polling Booth

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In college, I always felt like the odd woman out because I wasn’t particularly politically minded. I went to a school for high achievers, children of senators, and an alumni list counting among its ranks several US Presidents, diplomats, Attorney Generals and, ahem, *notorious FBI Directors*.

Before Obama’s first term, I always saw myself as politically moderate with no affiliation with any political party–I had my fair share of conservative views that lived comfortably along with the liberal ones.

The good ol’ days, if you will.

I never in a million years thought Obama would win, and I wasn’t old enough to vote to make a difference, anyway, so I wasn’t particularly invested. 16 years as a minority woman in America convinced me that this country could never get over its racial issues and put an African American in the White House–SURPRISE!

I’m quite sure that I would’ve tried to stay in the center of the political spectrum post-election had it not been for the shenanigans of Sarah Palin. When I saw the Right embrace such an uneducated, dithering, hypocritical harpy, John McCain’s relevancy was completely washed away and I was nudged to the left of center.

Then Mitt Romney rolled up with Ryan 4 years later and I wasn’t completely turned off by the idea of voting GOP. However, his out-of-touch millionaire views regarding the poor ended up being a turn-off, and I cast my first vote for US President for Obama. I knew the obstacles he had run up against with an obstructionist congress during his first term and wanted to see what he could do with a second.

Though left of center after Obama’s re-election, I wasn’t forcefully catapulted away from the Right until recently when Donald Trump decided to get a new hobby and run for President. I’ve already written a piece on the many ways he insults a majority of the US population with vigor and unabashed glee. And, get this, he’s picked on even more people since then. I have to admit that Hillary Clinton was not originally my candidate of choice; however, I can now say, without doubt, that I am a literal Hairy Legged (I hate shaving), No Bra Wearing (at least at nighttime), Pacifist (war is expensive) Liberal.

There really is no other way for me to vote at this point–I am female, I am hispanic, I am African American (or one of “The Blacks” that Trump is always referring to). Not only does this dude automatically shove me and my kin in the rapist/criminal category–he feels entitled to grab me by my genitalia because he’s rich! And famous! And he can!

Angela Merkel and Theresa May better put on some iron undies if this dude makes it into the White House.

But I’m writing this post in the hopes that someone on the fence (who are you, really?!) will read this message and decide that they do care about their neighbors enough to stop that from happening–their Muslim neighbors, and their disabled neighbors, their war veteran neighbors, and their female neighbors, your LGBT neighbors, and any other group of people that Trump and his most virulent supporters have attempted to crush beneath their feet.

Because you can’t say that you love these people and then vote for Trump–you can’t look any one of those people in the eye, grab a beer with them and say:

“I know this dude despises you, sees you as a subhuman-second-class-citizen. I know that what he’s done has contributed to the rise of white nationalists and other hate groups that intend to breed violence against you and yours, but I love you man. Let’s agree to disagree. It’s nothing personal.”

It is. IT IS PERSONAL. There is nothing more personal than selecting the leader of your country.

I can only assume that a lot of people are turning a blind eye to their friends that have been categorically maligned and abused by Trump and the Right because they’re living in a “color blind” world (or at least that’s what they tell themselves).

“Oh, I know your black/gay/muslim/etc, but you’re not like the OTHER black/gay/muslim people that Trump is talking about–THOSE are the ones we’re voting against.”

Uh-uh. Doesn’t work that way, homie.

You may not see me as the racist stereotype of one of “The Blacks”, you may not see me as the racist stereotype of hispanic people, and you may not throw me under the bus with the negative stereotype of a feminist woman. But I am black, I am hispanic, I have been half of an interracial relationship, and I do believe in equal rights between men and women so I am most certainly a feminist.

To all the minorities thinking about voting for Trump: PAUSE. Let’s take a second:

Think about who the ACTUAL Nazis are voting for (it’s Trump). Think about who the ACTUAL KKK is voting for (it’s Trump). Do you genuinely feel like you share the same political interests? Do you genuinely feel like you should be voting for the same candidate along with a group of people that probably lynched and/or enslaved one or more of your ancestors?

I had and still have friends who voted for John McCain.

I had and still have friends who voted for Mitt Romney.

I will not be able to keep connections with people who vote for Trump if this guy wins.

Not this time. Not this election.

The outlook for my future, personally, will look much different than yours (and not in a good way), if that’s the case.

Things are going to go south, fast. That’s not a prediction, that’s just a preview of reality–it’s already started. Just watch the videos of ANY Trump rally and you will see for yourself what America looks like when Bigotry is given a Soap Box.

And I, for one, will stand with the people that reject hatred and bigotry and I won’t “unite as a nation” behind someone that has expressed his disdain for actual human beings that make up a YUGE number of this amazing melting pot.

His KKK supporters have already vowed to show up at polling booths on election day. I certainly won’t be holding their place for them in line when they need to take a pee break, but I won’t make a ruckus about their presence, either.

And I promise you that I won’t be afraid. 4a09e1a5f4284a191cea38d894962dd2.jpg


It’s OK to Vote for Trump!

You’ve plastered your Trump/Pence 2016 bumper stickers to the back of your 4×4 pickup and you’re sporting your “Make America Great Again” ball cap with your camo tank top and dungaree jeans. You look AMAZING, Trailer Chic is in!



But the world at large is giving you crap! Don’t they know it’s your right as a citizen of the U S of A to pick whoever you damn well please to run this here nation?!

Don’t they know that you can vote for whomever you want, even if that candidate does not best represent your personal interests?!

Don’t they know that Hillary is corrupt and evil because EMAILS.


And pant suits!


But I’m here to tell you today that you’re completely in the right to cast your ballot for these two bombastic men. I think voting for Trump/Pence is a very real and viable choice for all Americans going to the polls this November. We’ll see a lot of change if those two men are in power, and I, for one, have thought long and hard about just this topic.

FORGET that Trump has ZERO political or government experience and no sense of diplomacy. Psssh, who needs that to run one of the most formidable world powers? Who cares that he’s the laughing stock of every other country on this planet (except North Korea who actually endorses him).

FORGET the fact that he acts like an “asshole” in public and is unapologetic (which should prove awesome when it comes to international relations, WE WILL SHOW THE OTHER COUNTRIES WHO’S BOSS).

FORGET that he’s essentially a reality television star (on a program during which he behaved badly, according to a few thousand prudish women) with a lot of money to spend.

He’s your guy. And here’s why you should check the box next to the Republican candidates this fall:

1). You love history, and you’re hoping it’ll repeat itself. Especially when it comes to the “Muslim Problem”. Are we excited for our Trump Muslim database requiring every American Muslim to register under it?! Wait, that link was from NBC (TOO LIBERAL) so here’s one from Fox News stating the same thing. You know who else had a database of people based solely on their religion? If those Nazis were nothing else, they were excellent record keepers! That’s right, Adolph Hitler had his own database to solve his “Jewish Question” for which he came up with a “Final Solution”. “Oh, that would never happen here” is something we’ll probably be saying, just like many of the Europeans told themselves before all that systematic murder stuff happened. But we’ll really mean it, so it won’t happen here. Just like concentration camps could never happen here, just ask George Takei. After all, we had “internment” camps for the Japanese, totally different word than “concentration”–duh.

2) You hate Lesbian/Gay/B.T.etc people and you want them to be miserable spinsters. If you think that gay people signal “societal collapse”, if you think they shouldn’t be able to visit their dying partners in the hospital, adopt children, serve openly and proudly while defending this great nation through military service, or have access to delicious wedding cake at their own weddings with the tax breaks to go along with that paperwork, THESE ARE THE TWO MEN FOR YOU. Trump said he doesn’t care if anyone’s gay, but Pence is all about stopping those heathens from doing dastardly things that will ruin the American family. If you’re kind of a perverted voyeur and care that much about who your neighbor has consensual/adult/passionate/loving sex with or chooses to form a life with, these are the candidates for you.

Also bathrooms. Birth certificates should be required to go to the bathroom.

Just because the homosexuals have the right to marry today, doesn’t mean they deserve it–and since we’ll be getting 3 new conservative Supreme Court justices under Trump/Pence, they’re as good as banned again!

SANTICTY OF MARRIAGE. So sanctified that Trump has been married and divorced several times with children from each of them.


Via Twitter

3) If you’re cool with your President and VP disagreeing on some of the most contentious and important topics to the American people, it’s Trump/Pence all the way. Healthcare, the war in the middle east, Foreign Trade, etc etc. 

4) If you’re excited for 3 brand spanking new conservative Supreme Court justices, this is your year Trump/Pence! Bye Roe v Wade, Hello again Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, So Long Equal Marriage Laws–hell, let’s do away with Brown v Board of Education while we’re at it because #AllLivesMatter and no one should get special treatment like desegregated schools.

5) If you’re cool with the country being run by men who know how to loose a ton of money, oh yes, vote ’em in. Trump has already said that he’d run this nation like he runs his business–for which he has declared bankruptcy 4 times. Nothing spells S-U-C-C-E-S-S like bankruptcy! Mike Pence cost the government of Indiana $60 million while serving as governor. America can be great again without money, you’ll see.

6) You know that America used to be great and it’s not anymore–and you know exactly WHEN it was great, too:

7) If you hate abortion in all forms, Trump/Pence, baby (pun intended). Women should absolutely NOT have the right to choose what goes on in their bodies, right? Especially when it comes to medical decisions–so WHAT if the mother’s life is in danger?? She got pregnant which means she should be willing to sacrifice her life, to die for her unborn baby. Forget the 5 kids, husband, and family she’ll have to leave behind. That baby needs to be born, even if it means her life expires in the process.

SO WHAT if her own father raped her, she should carry her son/brother to term and go through the heart wrenching adoption process when she can’t afford to raise it because she’s 14 and her mother (now the grandmother/stepmother) doesn’t want it around as a reminder since dad/grandpa is now in jail.

In fact, all women should be punished for having an abortion! Because the experience isn’t traumatic enough–and a fox news source corroborates, just to keep that non-liberal news media balance.

Look, all these women have to do is have the baby and put it up for adoption. Don’t dare go on welfare if you choose to keep it, though. God wanted you to have that baby, just like pro-life people insisted, but it’s up to you to afford it–not our tax dollars to the government!

Of course, since you’re anti-abortion, you’re also adopting some of the 100,000 older children currently available for adoption in the American foster care system–some of them who were the babies you so vehemently insisted should survive…right? Oh, no? Hmmm…

8) You know that women are awful and belong in the kitchen and you can’t wait to see them back there:

9) If you think the last 5 living presidents don’t know what the heck they’re talking about, vote Trump/Pence. He can’t get the Republican former presidents to endorse him and Obama, Clinton, and Carter certainly aren’t in his camp. BUT SERIOUSLY, WHAT DO THEY KNOW?! Just because you had the job, doesn’t mean you know what the job entails and who may be best qualified to do what you did for 4-8 years. For 2,920 days. 70,080 hours.

10) You love walls and you hate Mexican and Central Americans, that goes without saying. Yes, the wall will cost between $15 billion and $25 billion, but Trump says he is going to make Mexico pay for it. Because it’s easy to force foreign nations to pay for things we want. The GOP is set to endorse the idea, so we know it’s a smart decision.

Plus, most Mexican immigrants are criminals and rapists:

  • “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

–Real estate mogul Donald Trump, presidential announcement speech, June 16, 2015

Plus, they’re taking all of our jobs! Especially the farming jobs! Ok, so, Georgia’s immigration bill triggered a $140,000,000 loss in agriculture in 2011 due to labor shortages, but it’s because  Georgians are lazy and just don’t want to work hard at backbreaking jobs, nor do they have the skills. Ok so similar things happened in Alabama (who then repealed theirs)  and Arizona, but again, flukes.

In Conclusion:

You know you’re right when it comes to Trump/Pence. You’ve been parroting your Maw and Paw’s views since you were a baby. So what if the conservative party’s main economic concerns are for the rich, a group you are not actually a part of–so what if they want to cut programs for the middle class (YOU) or the poor while giving the wealthiest Americans tax breaks? And so what if they preach small government, but really want the government to regulate everything under the dang sun?

Jesus, ‘Murrica, and Freedom says your ticking Trump/Pence and that’s A-ok in the USA, hip hip hooray, go Sarah Palin.

The Perilous Life of the Young and Politically Moderate

I’m part of a rare breed in this country– a subset of people so difficult to smoke out that most just assume we don’t exist.

The under 30 politically moderate.

Unaffiliated with any party, never having voted straight-ticket in our lives, not in the least bit apathetic, and willing to see that the right and the left make valid arguments and all should be heard.

This also comes with the burden of never having a candidate that entirely serves our needs since we like to extend a hand to both sides of the aisle (womp womp).

I think this  particular crop of young people are vastly more politically polarized than some of our elder counterparts. We’ve been fed the mantra that “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” and “go big or go home” so it makes sense that most gravitate toward one extreme or the other. Each envisions a Utopia that is an exact match with their party’s tenants and leave little room for middle ground.

I’ve noticed with posting several of my opinions here and on other social media outlets, that my views leave me susceptible to backlash from…well…everyone.

Sometimes I’ll post a topic that will rile up my Dem friends and other times my Repub pals will feel slighted by my opinion. Never experienced this awkward phenomenon? Here’s a minuscule sampling of how my beliefs are ofttimes dissected:

Dem Pals: How are you ok with people owning any guns?! Guns kill people, you know. 

Repub Buds: Why are you so afraid of handling a gun? What do you mean we need to consider reforming gun ownership laws? People kill people, you know. 


D: How can you like Miley Cyrus/Beyonce/etc? Their particular displays of nudity and performances are so incredibly anti-feminist as compared to other displays of female-positive nudity (which are totally legit). They aren’t good role models for girls!

R: How can you like Miley Cyrus/Beyonce/etc? Their particular displays of nudity and performances are vulgar and their lyrics are obscene. Someone should tell them to cover up! They aren’t good role models for girls!


D: Seriously?! You’re ok with religious organizations not being forced to uphold marriage equality by refusing to marry gays in their church? And denying employment in their schools to gays? How can you be ok with that [and don’t cite the fact that the KKK can refuse non-whites admission in their organization, that doesn’t count] FREEDOM FROM RELIGION. 

R: Why are you supporting the government in allowing gay marriage? The Bible says that it’s a sin and it’s not ok! This country was founded by Christian men [and don’t give me any lip about most of them being Unitarian/Secular Humanists–that doesn’t count!] FREEDOM OF RELIGION. 


D: You know the death penalty is killing an actual person even if they are guilty, right?

R: You know abortion is killing an actual innocent person, right?


D: How can you even hold an intelligent conversation with a Republican, let alone be their friend?

R: Why bother with the liberals? They’re just as intolerant as they accuse us of being. 


D: You’re just wishy washy–read more articles written by other liberals and you’ll agree with me. You can’t straddle the line forever. 

R: You’ll come around to my way of thinking, eventually.  You can’t straddle the line forever.


D: I feel like I don’t even know you. 

R: I feel like I don’t even know you.


Sometimes I think I stand in the middle of the divide simply because of the fact that I absolutely hate people telling me how I should feel/live/be if I want to be a “good American” [and we get that daily from both CNN and Fox News].

Stubbornness as motivation to be a political centrist–that has to be new.

It’s a precarious position to be in, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. At times walking the tightrope between right and left is frustrating, sometimes it’s the “brink” of a friendship that leads to a “de-friending” (usually on their part), but it’s always exciting.